Lack of execution kills :-)

Less than 2 outs and a runner on third should mean look for a pitch to at minimum bring the runner in from 3rd with a sac fly. Two games into the season, the Giants have grounded into 3 double plays in crucial situations.

So far the offense has managed 15 hits in 2 games, all singles. Here’s to hoping it turns around soon.

With 2 outs in the 9th in a tie game and the winning run on 2nd base, you’re primary job as an infileder is to do anything to prevent any ground ball from getting to the outfield. Ray Durham did all he could to keep a ball from getting through knocking it down, one little problem was that the whole world knew Furcal was going to keep coming around 3rd AND since he bobbled it when he smothered it, there was no WAY he was going to get the runner at first. If he had come up firing home he had a shot at Furcal.  Relaying a weak off balance throw through Rich Aurilia at 1B was a poor choice and was a tough way to lose a game.

Hopefully Lincecum can bring home a win today in the series finale. It sounds as though Velez and Lewis will start today in place of Roberts & Durham. Hopefully they’ll inject the lineup & team with a fire they’ve been missing for sometime now. 


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